Asterix & Obelix and the Magic Potion of FC St. Gallen

Does a football team like the FC St.Gallen require a strategy? Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger, Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger, and more than 500 girls and boys of the Canton of St. Gallen answered this question during the HSG Children's University. They were supported by President Matthias Hüppi and Captain Silvan Hefti, two key persons of the FC St. Gallen 1894.

The Children’s University fascinates children for science and research. Its mission is to introduce young people to socially relevant topics and to encourage them to think critically. Further, the format intends to familiarize the students with higher education institutions.

Marking the 15th anniversary of the HSG Children’s University, Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger and Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger welcomed more than 500 children to the Audimax on the Rosenberg in October 2019 to find out what strategy actually means and why it is so important.

The 45-minute lecture was themed “Asterix & Obelix and the Magic Potion of FC St. Gallen”. How do Asterix and Obelix manage to sell as many wild boars as possible? Which way should they go? Which resources should they take with them? Should they rather sell them at the OLMA or the local neighborhood festival?

As special guests, Matthias Hüppi (president) and Silvan Hefti (captain) of FC St. Gallen 1894 joined the lecture. Accompanied by thunderous applause, they explained to the children the club’s strategy. When asked what is strategically important for the FC St. Gallen 1894, Hüppi answered: “A key aspect of the club’s strategy is to enable as many young talents as possible to make it into the first team.”

At the end, the children were quizzed on the learned content and knowledge on the club. As a reward, Matthias Hüppi and Silvan Hefti invited all participating children with free tickets to a home match of FC St. Gallen against Neuchâtel Xamax, which the children thanked with loud “Hopp Sanngalle” chants.

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