Executive MBA ETH Zurich and
University of St.Gallen (emba X)

Key Features

  • A Sustainable Vision: Our vision is to develop you as socially responsible leader who has the mindset, the knowledge and the skills to integrate leadership and technology issues with the aim of having a significant positive impact on your team, your organisation and the society at large.
  • Stronger Together: ETH Zurich’s cutting-edge technology and the University of St.Gallen’s impactful leadership education, designed and delivered as a perfect blend, in a fully integrated joint programme experience.
  • Best of Switzerland: Develop yourself and expand your global network in Switzerland – the world’s most innovative economy – while gaining access to one of Europe’s most influential combined business community.
  • Innovative Programme Design: Join a programme set to redefine the purpose of an Executive MBA degree, with an evolving curriculum adapted to the pace of the world and centered around your personal development.
  • Holistic Development: Achieve your potential, reset and/or upgrade your body, mind and soul through a personal development programme, which builds relevant behavioural competencies in three key areas: self-leadership, team & organisations leadership and integrative leadership.

Programme Details

  • Programme Topics: Technology, International Management, Leadership, Business Innovation and Social Responsibility
  • Start & End Date: January 2025 to July 2026
  • Format & Location: Hybrid
    • Online Modules
    • Modules in Zurich and St.Gallen (Switzerland)
  • Days On-Campus: 55 Days on-campus + approximately 12 days online
  • Programme Language: English

emba X ’s innovative 18-month curriculum will be delivered across five elements:

  • eXploration Weeks: (Re) Learn the future while revisiting the essential concepts of Leadership, Technology and General Management via engaging hybrid course sessions during your Essential Courses
  • eXperiential Weeks: Engage in a unique integration and applied learning experience. The eXperiential Weeks are 5 days of intensive faculty-directed immersion exposures with real action plans, based on themes of global business relevance
  • The emba X Projects: Apply your knowledge and deliver impact via tailored Business Model Innovation and Company projects
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Benefit from an innovative customised personal development plan, including peer-to-peer coaching

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Admission Requirements

Candidates must have:

  • 10 years work experience
  • 5 years leadership experience
  • Recognized academic degree (undergraduate or above)
  • Fluency in English

Programme Duration

emba X is a hybrid part-time programme which follows a sequential schedule of online and on-campus modules. The programme lasts 18 months.

Application Period

First application deadline: 31 August 2024
Final application deadline: 31 October 2024
Programme Starts: February 2025

Tuition Fees

110’000 CHF 
Payment plan in four installments 


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