"I would like to help rejuvenate the offer and also make it (more) attractive for international people".

Dr. Ursina Brack is the new IEMBA representative on the EMBA HSG Alumni Board

Since the last general assembly, Dr. Ursina Brack is the new IEMBA representative on the EMBA HSG Alumni Board. The alumna of the International Executive MBA programme explains her motivation, focus and what makes the IEMBA so special.

What is your motivation to be active as an IEMBA representative and to serve on the EMBA HSG Alumni Board?

I really enjoyed my time at the Executive School of the HSG during my IEMBA. It was very intense, but so enriching. With my involvement in the EMBA HSG Alumni Board, I would like to give something back and try to keep the spirit alive, like I was able to experience during almost 2 years.

I would like to let my international fellow students participate in the life of the association – but this will certainly require some adjustment in what is been offered.. because the students of the IEMBA courses often do not live in Switzerland, so physical events are hardly feasible for them.

What do you think makes up the IEMBA community? (Follow-up: in what special way can they enrich our overall community?

The IEMBA study programmes have not been around that long. That is why the great experiences we have had are still quite fresh and present. This makes us a close-knit group that comes together again and again in different constellations.

The outstanding element is, of course, the internationality – we have fellow students from different countries in our degree programme and can now visit “friends” in many places around the world. Which we also do, at least in my class.

The overall community can certainly benefit from the internationality, the open door to the wider world. Many of our IEMBA colleagues work internationally, in exciting large and small companies, and thus bring completely different perspectives and cultures with them. If the EMBA HSG Alumni Association opens up even more to English, everyone can benefit even further from the advantages of each.

What do you personally bring to the board?

I have only recently completed my IEMBA (May 2022, IEMBA 8) and therefore still have very vivid memories of the student life. In my class, I was already allowed to act as class representative and was thus very well connected, organised a lot, communicated, coordinated with the Executive School and colleagues. That suits me very well.

As a Swiss national who did the International Studies programme, I combine two worlds here: I am locally anchored, know the Swiss association and university system, but have networked internationally. I would like to bring that to the table.

In addition, I represent a somewhat younger generation on the EMBA HSG Alumni Board and would like to help rejuvenate the programme and make it more attractive for younger, international people.

You have already participated in several EMBA HSG Alumni meetings – how do you perceive the board and the mixture of different EMBA years and professional focuses?

Even as a not yet formally elected member, I was warmly welcomed by all board members. Stefan and Daniela met with me in advance, quite informally, which was a wonderful start.

The discussions are lively, people are not always of the same opinion. But all participants are treated with respect and listened to. I like that very much.

I like the mixture of different years and professional focuses. I do welcome the fact that we are now carrying out a slight “rejuvenation cure” and diversifying a bit more. That can only benefit the Board.

To get to know you personally a little better: what do you do when you’re not leading the talent acquisition at Suva or volunteering for the alumni?

I am a very active, energetic person. There is always something going on in my life. I have just discovered the eBike and started playing tennis. I’m not exactly a natural, but I still have fun.

I’m also a passionate hobby cook and everything that has to do with culinary arts is just my thing. I love fine dining, I am a coffee addict, like pasta, truffles, and champagne 🙂

I am also enthusiastic about modern art, classical concerts, visits to the opera, beautiful bouquets of flowers, interior design, and fashion.


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