Interview with the Talent Acquisition Team

Interview with Nathalie Naveda

Head of  Talent Acquisition

What inspires you to lead the Recruitment Team?

Since a very early age, I’ve always had a genuine interest in humanity’s nature and potential- this has inspired almost every aspect of my life, including my education and career. I’m always keen on finding ways to marry talent with opportunities for its development, and I’ve always associated the notion of development with impactful advancements that transcend the individual by also affecting the bigger picture.  Executive Education is a perfect place to enhance and transform human talent within a context where immediate and real impact can be made.

As recruiters at EMBA HSG, we have the incredible chance to act as bridge-makers between extraordinary individuals and an excellent educational and transformational experience. We also have the great responsibility of acting as gatekeepers of a strong and tight-knit EMBA Community. So, beyond my own interest in human potential, just witnessing how the Recruitment Team takes on this challenge with pride, joy and dedication everyday is what inspires me the most.

What are you passionate about? 

I would say I’m passionate about society and life in general, probably best shown through my dedication to the social sciences. I’m well known to face everything I do with a great amount of passion, from the smallest professional project, to the most random of my hobbies (which include motor racing and music fan communities, neuroscience, performing arts, aviation, and anything European).

Interview with Julia Raatz

Talent Acquisition Manager Executive MBA HSG

What are special moments you experienced working as a Talen Acquisition Manager?

One of the special moments as a Talent Acquisition Manager is that you get to encounter so many different personalities. It is exciting to see the industries and positions where the candidates come from and how different their motivation for an Executive MBA program can be. Furthermore, it is always special for me to accompany people from the first contact, through the application process to admission and then to see them as a student on our Executive Campus. It makes me proud and I feel a sense of satisfaction to be able to follow the professional and personal development of the students during their programme and beyond, and to accompany them on their journey.

What are you enthusiastic about?

I have always appreciated working with people. Even during my school days, I realized that I would like to have direct contact with people for my professional career. With the increasing digitalisation of services and processes, people are receding further and further into the background or even being replaced. I have always been very interested in human behaviour. In order to link this topic with the professional context, I am currently completing a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. I find it incredibly exciting to investigate why we show certain reactions in certain situations and how emotions and experiences influence our actions and communication. I am convinced that this knowledge will continue to help me in the future when selecting qualified candidates for our Executive MBA programs.

Interview with Mark Reimer

Talent Acquisition Manager International EMBA HSG

You joined the EMBA HSG team in February 2020, how would you like to contribute to the team?

As I’ve been working in international recruitment for many years, I hope I can bring that perspective to help spread the reputation of HSG beyond the DACH region and attract an even more diverse group of students to the programme. The HSG has a unique reputation, so it’s a privilege to be working for such a reputable institution and to help spread its renown. In addition, my roots are in the hospitality sector, so I hope I can also bring a very customer-service oriented approach to working with potential students and my colleagues.

What are you passionate about? 

Switzerland! As my adopted home, I’m continually amazed at everything Switzerland has to offer, and I love discovering its many facets. One might think if you’ve seen one beautiful mountain vista you’ve seen them all, but I never get tired of the scenic beauty, whether its hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, or visiting its many picturesque towns and villages. I enjoy sharing my discoveries with friends and family that come to visit and helping them discover more than the usual Swiss clichés (even if many are true!) 


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