Interview with Carlos Buitrago Tellez

Name: Carlos Buitrago Tellez
Current Company: 
Solothurner Spitäler AG
Current Role: Chefarzt Institut Medizinische Radiologie mit Standorten Kantonsspital Olten, Bürgerspital Solothurn und Spital Dornach

Tell us more about your professional background. What were you doing prior to embarking on the Executive MBA HSG?

As a specialist in diagnostic radiology, following my radiological training and habilitation at the Medical Faculty of the Albert-Ludwigs-University, I acquired a broad spectrum of education and knowledge in general and interventional radiology as well as neuroradiology and neurology at the University Hospital Basel. From 2002 to 2003, I gained management experience as Deputy Medical Director of Radiology at the Felix Platter Hospital in Basel. After my appointment as Titular Professor of X-ray Diagnostics at the University of Basel in 2005, I moved to Zofingen Hospital AG in 2006, where I was Head of Radiology from 2007. Shortly before I embarked on the Executive MBA learning journey at the University of St. Gallen in 2019, I was appointed as Head of Radiology at the Solothurn Hospitals.

Why did you decide to do an EMBA programme? Why did you choose the EMBA HSG?

The responsibility of managing three large medical radiology institutes means that I am constantly faced with important and new challenges. With the EMBA HSG, I have chosen one of the world’s most renowned management EMBA programmes with high intrinsic development motivation and a willingness to learn. This programme will enable me to expand my business knowledge based on integrative, practice-oriented teaching. Besides acquiring the most important tools for successful corporate management and further impulses for the development of my leadership qualities, I am looking forward to my personal development and networking during the EMBA.

How has the EMBA HSG programme changed you personally so far?

The previous modules have given me the opportunity to learn the theoretical, scientific basics of strategic management and the transformation of companies, the analytical tools and conceptual framework for the development and design of innovative business models. The special aspect for me is the high practical relevance in my current leadership position, which gives me real momentum to apply what I have learned in my work. I have already developed an innovative business model for radiology at the Solothurn hospitals and am already working on the future strategy for the coming years.

How has the EMBA HSG programme made a difference in your career so far?

For me, the EMBA 56 is an important qualification in my career. In addition, I have received important inspiration for my personal development goals. These include, for example, modern leadership models and vision development for my corporate goal, the new aspects of the working world 4.0 and technologies for my subject-specific goal, as well as personal inspiration for my growth-oriented self-image.

What do you appreciate the most about the EMBA HSG curriculum?

The optimal combination between theory and practice. The topics of general management, which are relevant and presented in a compact form by top-class lecturers. This includes the integration of external experts and top executives from leading companies who share their experiences openly and directly with EMBA students.

Is there a particular course that you enjoyed most, and why?

The introductory week with Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger’s Business Transformation module was certainly particularly exciting. The participants’ high motivation to learn as well as the experience of getting to know so many interesting EMBA students and lecturers was unique. The overall impression and the high level of the network and expertise were very motivating for me. The course week on Strategic Management by Prof. Dr. Günther Müller-Stewens immediately inspired me to choose my thesis topic.

What advice would you give potential participants who are looking to do an EMBA HSG?

If you hold a management position or are highly motivated to lead a company and want to be successful in the future, apply for the EMBA HSG programme. It is worth it, even if your time resources are limited. A clear reference to your current job makes it easier to deal with various topics, and the EMBA journey will open up new horizons for you in today’s globalized, digitalized and networked world. Last but not least, it will bring you an enriching network and new friendships at home and abroad.

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