Interview with Stefan Stübi

Name: Stefan Stübi
Nationality: Swiss
Year Graduated: EMBA 45 (2015)
Current Organization: Energie 360° AG
Current Role: Head of Energy Sales

Tell us more about your professional background. What were you doing prior to embarking on the Executive MBA HSG?

After my technical training and various further training courses,  I developed as a sales and area manager in various management positions at Bachofen AG in Industrial Automation.  I then moved to Energie 360° AG and worked as a sales manager in the energy industry,  focusing on customer orientation.  I was given the opportunity to reorganise sales and, among other things,  to set up a comprehensive key account management system.  Over the past ten years, we have increasingly developed from a commodity supplier to a needs-oriented solution provider with a strong customer focus.

Why did you decide to do an EMBA programme? Why did you choose the EMBA HSG?

For me, the deciding factor was that I wanted to develop further, especially in the area of strategy. I wanted to consolidate my knowledge and supplement it with the latest findings.  In addition,  the EMBA HSG programme was the one that best met my requirements and corresponded with my professional and personal needs.
On-site presence for the modules was easy to organise in advance.  In addition,  I had an enthusiastic EMBA HSG alumnus on my side – my then CEO.  The first contacts with the EMBA HSG team reinforced my decision.  It was also important that my family supported me very well right from the start.

How has the EMBA HSG programme changed you personally?

I have learnt to focus on the topic in hand and also to produce the required performance under tight time pressure.  I was able to make valuable friendships with classmates, which still continue.  The discussion in class on the topics dealt with and the speakers’ practical experience was just as important.  Likewise, it was important for me to work on exciting case studies in constantly changing groups and to compare theory with practice and the experiences of fellow students.

How has the EMBA HSG programme made a difference in your career?

After completing my studies,  I was given the opportunity to play a strategic role on the boards of directors of our company’s shareholdings.  Especially in start-ups, swapping experience is very valuable. In addition, I became more open, more self-confident – farsighted.

What did you appreciate the most about the EMBA HSG curriculum?

The concept combining comprehensive, holistic further education with discussions with the professors, lecturers and especially with fellow students was very valuable for me. In addition, it was enormously exciting to constantly develop new solutions in the working groups, to make decisions quickly and present them in plenary sessions.

Was there a particular course that you enjoyed most, and why?

For me,  there wasn’t one specific course.  I was most influenced by the introductory week and the Entrepreneurship module.  The ability to challenge ideas in the shortest possible time and to develop them with a very dynamic team up to the point of implementation was enormously exciting and formative.  I have been able to use the presented tools and accessible sources as well as the enormously extensive network several times.

What advice would you give potential participants who are looking to do an EMBA HSG?

Do not hesitate – just do it!  The experiences are extremely valuable, the 20 months pass much too quickly.  You benefit enormously in personal as well as in professional terms.  The spirit in the class, the close dialogue with the lecturers is exciting and inspiring.

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