The International EMBA HSG is an advanced General Management programme taught in English that provides open-minded, purpose-driven global leaders with an international network, management insights and inspiration by offering a curriculum with an international focus, modules abroad and multi-national diversity.

International Executive MBA Overview

Language English
28. August 2023
Fee CHF 80,000
Locations *
  • Switzerland (St.Gallen)
  • China
  • U.S.
  • Singapore
  • Irvine
  • South Africa Elective course
  • Spain Elective course
* subject to change
Core Courses
Elective Courses
18 months
10 weeks On campus
+ 4 weeks Abroad
+ Thesis

Programme Structure

IEMBA 11 – Start Autumn 2023

The 18-month IEMBA HSG programme comprises 11 core courses and three elective courses. Modules last for one or two weeks. The breaks of several weeks between modules, and the weekends, allow you to complete self-study and most importantly fulfil your family and professional commitments.

Course 1

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Fundamentals of Strategy

Course 2

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Leading People in Global Organisations
Elective Course 3 days
Select from our offer of elective courses. You choose three elective courses.

Course 3

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Financial Reporting & Finance

Course 4

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Value Creation in a Global Economy

Course 5

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Management Accounting & Performance Management
Elective Course 3 days
Select from our offer of elective courses. You choose three elective courses.

Course 6

5 days
Doing Business in China

Course 7

5 days
Business Model Innovation

Course 8

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
5 days
Creating a Customer-centric Company

Course 9

Silicon Valley
5 days
Open & Climate Innovation

Course 10

5 days
Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Course 11

Switzerland (St.Gallen)
4 days
Off campus break of 4-6 weeks in between core courses
** without travel days

Course Structure

A feature of the International EMBA HSG programme’s core and elective courses is the special emphasis placed on combining comprehensive general management expertise with the challenges of the modern world of work. In order to thrive in a fast-changing environment, you need not only comprehensive knowledge but also the skills and vision to rise to the challenges of the contemporary business world. Our core courses provide these foundations covering subjects such as sustainability, strategy, leadership, economics and accounting. The elective courses offer you a portfolio of options from which you can select subjects according to your interests, giving you the opportunity to individualize your learning journey and customize it to your development needs.

Core Courses

28. August – 1. September 2023, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Fundamentals of Strategy
Prof. J. Peter Murmann, PhD
4. – 8. September 2023, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Leading People in Global Organisations
Prof. Dr. Amanda Shantz
23. – 27. October 2023, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Financial Reporting & Finance
Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkötter, Prof. Dr. Flemming Ruud
All Core Courses
8. – 12. January 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Value Creation in a Global Economy
Dr. Stefan Legge
19. – 23. February 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Management Accounting & Performance Management
Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller, Dr. Thorsten Truijens
15. – 19. April 2024, China
Doing Business in China
Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas i Klett
22. – 26. April 2024, Singapore
Business Model Innovation
Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger
27. – 31. May 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Creating a Customer-centric Company
Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
9. – 13. September 2024, Silicon Valley
Open & Climate Innovation
Prof. Dr. Ann-Kristin Zobel
16. – 20. September 2024, Irvine
Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset
David Ochi
26. February – 1. March 2025, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Claudio Feser

Elective Courses

6. – 10. November 2023, Cape Town
Doing Business in Emerging Economies
Prof. Dr. Martin Hall
27. November – 1. December 2023, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Corporate Governance
Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok
22. – 26. January 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Coding & Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Dr. Damian Borth, Prof. Dr. Barbara Weber
All Elective Courses
12. – 16. February 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Business Law
Prof. Dr. Markus Müller-Chen
13. – 17. May 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Digital Business & Data Analytics
Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
17. – 21. June 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Strategy in a Global World
Prof. Dr. Dr. Tomi Laamanen
8. – 12. July 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Negotiations & Conflict Management
Dr. Klaus Lassert
4. – 8. November 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Leading the Sustainability Transition
Prof. Dr. Judith Walls
9. – 13. December 2024, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Organisational Development
Dr. Lüder Tockenbürger
10. – 14. February 2025, Switzerland (St.Gallen)
Financial Management
Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller

Our Faculty

The University of St.Gallen is one of the top universities of economics and business in Europe and has a business faculty larger than any other in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. It has more than 90 professors and the majority of lecturers on the EMBA HSG programme are drawn from this pool of professionals, guaranteeing first-class expertise and industry experience. HSG’s business school consistently ranks among the top in Europe.

More about our faculty


The Executive MBA Thesis is a piece of academic writing by means of which you demonstrate in depth knowledge of a concrete General Management topic and mastery of the application of scientific methodology and academic working techniques. The Executive MBA Thesis allows you to develop competences as an integrative problem solver, being able to identify and critically analyse unstructured, complex and ambiguous management challenges. Additionally, it allows you to address a challenge in a reasoned fashion by integrating and/or synthesising insights from various management disciplines and evaluating alternative solutions. 

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