First emba eXplore event

We are looking back on a successful evening full of exchange, networking & learning at the first emba eXplore event presented by the Executive MBA ETH HSG in Zurich.

Executives networking at emba eXplore
Networking at emba eXplore © EMBA HSG

On September 27th, 2023, the Executive MBA presented by ETH Zurich and the University of St.Gallen hosted its first emba eXplore evening at Restaurant zum Grünen Glas in Zurich. emba eXplore is a new event format, enabling the exchange of the emba X community with a wider network and audience. It is an open invitation for business leaders from all backgrounds to come together and dive into a variety of leadership topics. Thus, it was not only a pleasure to see faculty, staff and three “generations” of emba X students coming together, but also many guests from a broad range of industries and backgrounds.

The evening’s topic was better decision-making, presented during a mini-course hosted by Claudio Feser. Claudio is Chair of the EMBA ETH HSG Advisory board and lecturer at the University of St.Gallen. He is also a member of various company boards, two of which he chairs. Further, he is a Senior Partner Emeritus and a Senior Advisor of McKinsey & Company. As a former member of the Shareholder Council, the Firm’s global board, he is still actively engaged in the development of the next generation of leaders at McKinsey.

Executives taking the mini-course on better decision-making
Mini-course on better decision-making taught by Claudio Feser © EMBA HSG

The mini-course provided a taste of the full decision-making class that is taught during the emba X programme. The actual course is instructed by Claudio Feser and Stefano Brusoni, with the latter also joining the evening’s discussion. During emba eXplore, they explained why efficient decision-making is so important, provided an overview of different types of decision-making and then went into discussion on how decisions under uncertainty are made in daily life. Such decisions could be: Should I marry my current partner? Should I change my employer or optimise my current position? Should I invest in my core business or something new? They used the metaphor of choosing a vacation destination: should I go to the same place as last year and exploit what I know or try something new and explore? It was shown how the brain uses heuristics for decision-making and how that can be used to optimise future decisions. The course was followed by networking & apéro.

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